Meet the Experts

  • Dr. Philip Derkson

    Family Physician & Functional Health Expert

    A family physician with a passion for integrative and preventative health, Dr. Derkson graduated from The Kresser Institute of functional medicine and ancestral health. He has facilitated programs at both weight loss clinics and a metabolic clinic in Toronto.

    Dr. Derkson has done extensive research in areas of gut health, cognitive behavioural therapy, LCHF, paleo, low carb, intermittent fasting and ketogenic nutrition and sleep hygiene. As a health practitioner and a parent of young boys, Dr. Derkson is happy you’re hear to learn and empower yourself for positive connection and healthy habits.

  • Michael Larson

    Certified Parent Coach

    A certified parent coach who has extensive experienence working with families who have embraced resilience and adaptability. Prior to becoming a Parent Coach, Michael ran a Level 5 Specialized Treatment foster home for six years where he parented teenaged youth. These youth were involved in the youth criminal justice system, and had experienced significant trauma in their lives.

    It was this, six year ling experience, where he was able to put his education and additional to use, and where he learned the most about parenting. After his time fostering, he worked in a K-8 school where with younger children who required additional learning and behavioral supports. His passion for parent coaching is rooted in understanding the challenges parents face.

    He has seen first-hand the struggles children can experience and is deeply passionate about helping parents and their children reconnect and rebuild their relationships.

    To learn more about Michael’s parenting resources, click the link below.