Healthy Habits Kit (Ebook)


Let us make parenting easy for you

This Healthy Habits Kit will help you reduce your stress (no more nagging), Empower your kids to be more independent, and set clear expectations for kids so they know what's expected and the steps needed to get there. 


"Such a great product. So thoughtful and so helpful for my daughter. We have seen behavior improvements from our almost 4 year old daughter in just a month of using it. Highly recommend!"

Thad Hay - Verified Buyer

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How to use this kit effectively

  • Print

    Print the routine maps in the areas where your child is performing the tasks.Example: "Wash My Hands" map in the bathroom, "My Morning Routine" map in the bedroom, "My Mealtime Routine" map in the kitchen).

  • Focus on effort, not performance

    As they are learning to be independent, not every step/task will be done as you like it. It's important to praise and reinforce the effort your child is making.

  • Be consistent

    Especially at the beginning. If you skip a day here or there, that's okay. You can always come back to it! 

  • Make it fun

    Sing songs, (like our hand-washing rhyme,) use a timer to make certain tasks a fun race or do a silly dance or high-five when the routine is complete!

Whats Inside?

Get a peak of whats inside

- Morning Routine

- Meal time Routine

- Bed time Routine

- Cleanliness Routine

- Affirmations

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