We're Jayme and Phil, just regular parents, trying to figure out 'pandemic parenting' with every other young family.

About Us

Our mission is simple: To help parents raise resilient kids with educational tools rooted in education, playfulness and positive connections.

‘As a family physician in Toronto, I am passionate about helping families create healthy habits in a positive way. In hopes of levelling up my own parenting game, I’ve spent a lot of time researching child psychology and development, positive behaviour strategies and parenting best practices. The result has been practical and one-of-a-kind tools that hundreds of families are using and calling game-changers for their families.’

– Dr. Phil Derkson, family physician and dad to Sam (8) and Jacob (3)

‘Yes, My Starry Chart has been tested and approved by our now 8-year-old son, Sam (now over 2 years of consistent use) as well as hundreds of happy families. But what makes this calendar so effective for families is the unique design and immersive experience. We’ve created something truly special, in large part because of the collaborative development with teachers, child psychologists and parenting experts.’

– Jayme Derkson, CEO and mamma bear to the aforementioned boys

My Starry Chart is a 3-in-1 educational kid’s calendar, healthy habits chart, and skill-building game for kids ages 3-10. This is a chore chart reinvented, that motivates and empowers kids, teaching them valuable skills like goal setting and math while also building character skills like helpfulness, gratitude and kindness.

This beautiful calendar makes taking on new responsibilities fun, simple and a wonderful bonding experience. The calendar design and tactile sticker format keeps kids engaged, and as a result, they stick to their healthy goals (and chores if you choose to use it in that way).