The Chore Chart of Choice: Reasons to Play

The Chore Chart of Choice: Reasons to Play

We’re the gift and game that keeps on giving – fun for kids and a great tool for moms and dads.

Teaching kids gratitude, patience and the difference between instant and delayed gratification are just a few ways My Starry Chart is the chore chart to help reinforce good behaviour.

We’ve compiled our top ten reasons why My Starry Chart is the perfect choice for busy families and conscientious children!

Help Keep Kids Up to the Task

1. Your little ones will feel like a part of the family “team.” This means they’ll be much more engaged in their daily routine. Setting up My Starry Chart and placing the stars on the board each day, will make them feel accomplished, confident and proud. Chores don’t feel like a chore; they are like a fun game.

More Motivated Kids and a Better Job

2. Moms and dads will find they repeat themselves much less. With My Starry Chart, your little one is motivated. Plus the visual presentation will help them remember what they need to get done.

All Types of Chores Included

3. My Starry Chart’s stickers cater to all types of chores and responsibilities. Over 50 responsibility stickers to choose from. Plus, blank ones to customize – so My Starry Chart grows with your little one.

Reduces Anxiety

4. This interactive chart helps alleviate anxiety. By creating a fun and organized structure throughout the day, kids know which chores have been accomplished. Plus what’s left to do and what’s expected of them.

Built to Last!

5. This chart is incredibly durable, flexible and can be used from early childhood years, right through to grade school (or even until they turn 18 ?).

Flexible Gameplay

6. The gameplay allows you to be flexible in the moment. If you miss a day that’s okay. Life happens.

Working at the pace and needs of your child is something we actually encourage.

If you want to tackle a few chores, or focus on one specific chore, My Starry Chart works with you.

Child Psychologist Approved

7. My Starry Chart works for many different kinds of personalities, behavioural needs and parenting styles.

It’s been reviewed and approved by child psychologists and parenting experts.

Beautiful Board Design

8. The beautiful design and gender-neutral, whimsical style will charm both parents and little ones alike. You can put the chart in their bedroom, on the fridge or anywhere else.

Practice Fine Motor Skills

9. Using a fun combination of removable stickers and a dry-erase marker, your little one will practice their fine motor skills.

Plus, My Starry Chart is a multi-educational experience. This means your little one is learning about the calendar year, math, goal setting, writing and more.

The Best Job of All: Bonding Time

10. My Starry Chart is an incredible bonding experience. The daily family routine will become more enjoyable and peaceful. Plus, you’ll have more quality time to spend together.

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