#Girldad Adadable’s Take on My Starry Chart

#Girldad Adadable’s Take on My Starry Chart

Want to make kid’s chores and routines more fun? I’ve got a game for you!

Matthew is a dad of two and author of the Adadable's blog. He recently wrote about his experience using My Starry Chart with his adorable daughter Haddie. Click here for the full blog post. Below are some of our favourite takeaways.

Haddie and I spent about 30 minutes selecting her routines for February. She was so excited, and so proud, when we hung up the chart in her bedroom.

For February we picked: Take a shower/bath, brush your hair, brush your teeth, help your brother, and help take care of the pets.

At first I was amazed with the change in her attitude. She was a bit better with her hair. She would help out with her little brother, sometimes just bringing some yogurt drinks into his bedroom at nap time. She wanted to help feed Freddy (the fish) and Schnitzel (the dog). She was asking to brush her teeth at night. Success!

Then I realized that in addition to her attitude getting better around her chosen routines, she was also starting to learn about how the month works, and days of the week, and it helped with counting.

I have been really impressed with My Starry Chart. I also really like that it is not just an app on an iPhone, but something that physically attaches to a wall and something that Haddie takes control of and actually places the stars every night. I really think it empowers her.

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