8 Tips for Better Bedtime Behaviour

8 Tips for Better Bedtime Behaviour

Sticker charts are a great tool for motivating children to complete tasks, especially when it comes to sleep.

By Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant Lindsay Weinstock of Dream Come True Sleep

These visual charts can help your little one follow their bedtime routine,
motivate them to stay in their bed for the entire night and even prevent early wake ups. The sticker your child receives when completing the job(s) works as an incentive, letting your little one show off their accomplishments. As a result, this builds confidence in their ability to perform the task(s).

I always suggest that my clients involve their child in creating both the sticker chart and the goals, which is why My Starry Chart is perfect for creating sticker sleep charts.

My Starry Chart comes with reusable stickers that allow you to design a personalized chart that can be tailored to your family’s individual bedtime needs.

Here are eight tips for successfully implementing a sticker sleep chart:

1) Always phrase tasks using positive language. For example, “Lie quietly in bed” instead of “No yelling while in bed”.

2) Include a maximum of five goals at a time. With younger children you may want to consider keeping it to a maximum of three jobs at a time.

3) In the beginning, include one easy or enjoyable bedtime goal. This will set your child up for success and help build their confidence and engagement in the process.

4) Remind and discuss the expectations with your child each evening prior to bedtime.

5) Make reviewing the chart a part of your child’s bedtime routine and have it visible in their room, so you can both refer to it. This makes the transition to bedtime a positive experience and sets the routine up for success.

6) Give them a reward promptly upon completing the task. Pairing the sticker with hugs, kisses and verbal praise work great, little ones thrive off this!

7) If your child did not receive a sticker for a task, try not to make them feel bad. Instead, remind them that they will soon have another chance and instil confidence in them that they can do it moving forward.

8) Be consistent! Consistency is key in the success of a sticker chart. Stay firm in your expectations and ensure that a sticker is always rewarded immediately upon achieving the task.

Sweet Dreams!

About Dream Come True Sleep Consulting

Lindsay is a Certified Paediatric Sleep Consultant and the founder of Dream Come True
Sleep Consulting. She is also a mom to two young boys, holds a Bachelor of Arts
(honours), a Bachelor of Education and a Graduate Certificate in Autism and
Behavioural Sciences.

Lindsay decided to become a sleep consultant because she has personally experienced both the highs and lows of children’s sleep habits and appreciates the importance of sleep for the entire family. She enjoys working in partnership with families to understand their personal goals and creating individualized sleep plans that utilize gentle sleep methods. Her goal as a sleep consultant is to support, educate, empower and cheer her client’s on throughout their journey to a good night’s sleep.

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