A 3-in-1 Educational Kid's Calendar, Healthy Habits Chart & Skill- Building Game.

Build Routine, Independence, Helpfulness & Confidence.

Designed by child health experts (& parents) to support routine
& structure for every stage of early childhood development.

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An interactive & tactile connection tool that positively reinforces family routines & responsiblities. Children thrive from visuals and daily bonding.

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We reinvented the chore chart with a multi-purpose & game-like structure. Use it as a task chart, fun calendar, a routine map, or a reward chart.

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For ages 3-10, this empowering calendar teaches life skills, healthy habits and builds intrinsic helpfulness and gratitude.

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Celebrate their daily wins


Complete Kit Includes:

Reusable Calendar Sticker Packs

Celebrate monthly events and have even more fun with their personal calendar! Plus, decorate water bottles, lunchboxes and more!

$7.99 per pack
Each Sticker Pack Includes:

Used by child development experts & child psychologists.
700 Reusable Stickers & 80 skill-building goals.

Character-building tasks like "Make Someone Smile", "Help My Planet" and more!

Use the star area to set goals or personalize the chart with their name(s)
great for fostering teamwork among siblings!
A calendar to help
celebrate daily wins
Trilingual: English, French
& Spanish in one box!
Dry-erase function to
track their schedule
Over 700 reusable stickers
including sparkly stars
Over 80 skill and character-building goals
(and customizable ones)

Shoot for the stars!
Vise les étoiles!
¡A alcanzar las estrellas!

NEW Multi-lingual My Starry Chart – English, French and Spanish all in one kit!

Personalized Coloring Puzzles - Great Gift for Kids!

A fun, new, multi-purpose puzzle and creative activity.

1. Personalize 2. Puzzle 3. Color & Create!

$29.99 - $39.99 (size depending)

Personalized Coloring Puzzles

FREE Healthy Habits Kit

healthy habits kit

FREE Healthy Habits Kit

Get our free kit to create visual routines and structure.


Less nag and power struggle. More fun & connection!


Kids thrive off visual maps. Try it out – our gift to you! Free affirmations activity included.

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