Educate. Organize. Motivate.

My Starry Chart is a 3-in-1 educational calendar for your child, helping them stay organised, while also building independence and confidence.

★★★★★ 4.5/5

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Created by health experts for your child's developing brain

  • Increase Motivation

    Increase your kid's motivation by promoting good behaviour and positively reinforce through earning stars for completing daily tasks.

  • Build Connections

    Build meaningful connections with your kids in their early stages of development with an interactive & tactile tool that promotes family routines & responsiblities.

  • Teach Life Skills

    Teach valuable life skills such as independence, kindness and goal setting, while improving overall confidence.

  • Learn Through Play

    Make the most out of their daily routine with a chart that can be used as a fun calendar, a task chart, a routine map, or a reward chart.


"Such a great product. So thoughtful and so helpful for my daughter. We have seen behavior improvements from our almost 4 year old daughter in just a month of using it. Highly recommend!"

Thad Hay - Verified Buyer

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Rated 4.9/5

  • Helps Us Get Through Our Morning Routine

    Our child has ADHD and it can be very challenging to get her through her morning routine of getting dressed, brushing her teeth, etc. My Starry Chart helped her track and earn rewards for daily accomplishments. She is going to get her first pet as a reward when she reaches 250 stars!!

    Dan Flatt - Verified Buyer

  • It really works

    "My kids went bonkers when we got Starry Chart. They are proactively changing their behaviour for the good, just to get a star reach day. Such a great item!!"

    Emily - Verified Buyer

  • Perfect Motivation for a child

    "We love our starry chart! My daughter has been working so hard to achieve her responsibilities and she feels so proud when he does! It is a great item to have for ages 3 and up!!"

    Zander - Verified Buyer

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Approved by experts, backed by science


"Me and my kids love our responsibility wall and it's working like a charm! This tool helps reduce stress. I love how it's also a functional calendar so helps build structure and create routine and predictability."

Cori Stern - Child Behaviour Specialist


"It's been a great experience! The chore chart is customizable, so you can make it work with how you want your family to operate and you can work with your child to come up with their chores, keeping engagement high."

Caron Irwin - Child Life Specialist

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