A 3-in-1 Educational Kid's Calendar, Healthy Habits Chart & Skill- Building Game.

Connect. Play. Learn.

Designed by experts & parents to support
every stage of early childhood development.

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An interactive & tactile connection tool that positively reinforces family routines & responsiblities. Children thrive from visuals and daily bonding.

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We reinvented the chore chart with a multi-purpose & game-like structure. Use it as a task chart, a routine map, a reward chart or simply a fun calendar!

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For ages 3-10, it empowers & teaches life skills like goal setting and reading, while also building character skills like helpfulness, gratitude and kindness.

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Teaches goal setting, math,
the calendar year, reading and more!
A calendar to help
celebrate daily wins
Trilingual: English, French
& Spanish in one box!
Dry-erase function to
track their schedule
Over 700 reusable stickers
including sparkly stars
Over 80 skill and character-building goals
(and customizable ones)

New Calendar Sticker Packs

Now it's even more fun to decorate their personal calendar!

$6.99 per pack
Each Sticker Pack Includes:

Shoot for the stars!
Vise les étoiles!
¡A alcanzar las estrellas!

NEW Multi-lingual My Starry Chart – English, French and Spanish all in one kit!

Used by child development experts & child psychologists
700 Reusable Stickers & 80 skill-building goals

Character-building tasks like "Make Someone Smile", "Help My Planet" and more!

Celebrate their daily wins


Complete Kit Includes:

NEW Personalized Colouring Puzzles!

A fun, new, multi-purpose puzzle and creative activity.

1. Personalize 2. Puzzle 3. Create!

$29.99 - $39.99 (size depending)

Personalized Colour-In Puzzles

FREE Healthy Habits Kit

healthy habits kit

FREE Healthy Habits Kit

Get our free kit to create visual routines and structure.


Less nag and power struggle. More fun & connection!


Kids thrive off visual maps. Try it out – our gift to you! Free affirmations activity included.

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